Help for Therapists and Helping Professionals

Are you a helping professional? Advocates, mental health providers, medical and other health professionals - you see and hear about things in the course of your workday that other people don't. You know things that most people don't know about just how cruel the world can be. This can take a toll on your emotional and physical health and well-being, eventually preventing you from being able to do the work which was once so important to you. It can even affect your ability to connect with your loved ones, leading to more isolation and decreasing the satisfaction in your intimate and family relationships.
Over time exposure to trauma can have a number of negative effects on those of us who work in the helping professions. Talking to a supportive, trusted person can help us manage our reactions to these traumatic experiences - but confidentiality rules often prevent us from being able to talk about what we see and how we feel with the people we trust the most.

Therapy for Helping Professionals

Therapy can help minimize the harmful effects of vicarious trauma. It's an occupational hazard for all of us - but it doesn't have to limit  your ability to perform the work you are passionate about. I understand these struggles. I have years of experience helping people who have experienced trauma, and I've learned about prevention and strategies to help heal vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress. Sometimes helpers are reluctant to ask for help. If you would like to talk confidentially about how I can help you, give me a call at (443) 510-1048.

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

I'm a Maryland Board Approved and Registered Supervisor offering Clinical Supervision to LGSWs and LCSW-Cs. I offer individual and group Clinical Consultation with therapists around the country and the world via phone or Skype.  I utilize a trauma-informed, insight-oriented framework encouraging vulnerability and authenticity with self-compassion and concepts from Trauma Stewardship and The Daring Way™

If you would like to discuss Supervision or Consultation please contact me via phone at (443) 510-1048 or e-mail: 


Join my online clinical consultation groups by clicking on the image! 

Join my online clinical consultation groups by clicking on the image! 

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Other Resources:

Read here for my blog series on self care, which offers information and resources. 

This TEDx Talk by Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, author of Trauma Stewardship and Therapy Chat guest, illuminates the importance of addressing the effects of vicarious trauma. 

Therapy Chat Podcast

Trauma Therapists: Join my free Facebook group for trauma therapists: The Trauma Therapist Community! To join, request to join on Facebook here.  

Then complete this form to verify your credentials and join the e-mail list for this group.  Requests to join without verification that you are a licensed therapist will be declined. Hope to see you there!

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Therapy Chat Podcast

I selected several episodes of my podcast, Therapy Chat, which are focused on the work of trauma therapy which I hope you'll find helpful. Feel free to visit the podcast section of my website for a full list of all episodes. 

Here's what members had to say about Laura's Trauma Therapist Community Program...

Laura's Trauma Therapy Community has been an amazing gift for me. Having others who do the same work and understand the experience, who offer guidance and support has been wonderful! Laura's gentle spirit and expansive knowledge about trauma therapy create the perfect atmosphere for sharing and guidance.
-- Elizabeth Cush, LGPC
I love our group for trauma therapists! Working with trauma survivors is hard work and sometimes feels really lonely, so I have found that taking out this time once a month really helps me feel more supported and guided just by sharing with other therapists who are having similar or sometimes very different experiences than me. Laura is a fantastic facilitator who is kind, gentle and very loving in her flexible structured way. She holds the space for our own sacred truths and creates a compassionate connection with all group members. I highly recommend this online group for therapists not only because of the reasons I mentioned above but also because it's really convenient and fits in with my sometimes crazy schedule.
-- Olga Bloch, LCMFT
I joined Laura's online therapist community after listening to her podcast. I felt she was reaching into my mind and heart and recognizing this deep need for connection in a career where I am often so isolated. The group I was a part of was intimate and I felt completely supported, seen and energetically held each time we met. I was able to connect with such inspiring and talented women who helped to give me perspective, personal and clinical feedback. I am a therapist new to private practice and I loved how we were all diverse in our ages, years in practice and populations we worked with. I will always be grateful for this group and the support and personal growth I experienced. 
-- Rachel
Laura Reagan's Trauma Therapist groups are such an asset to the therapist community. She offers safe spaces for trauma therapists to reflect on the impact of the work of holding space for others to heal on their own being. And in doing so she helps excellent therapists provide even more exceptional healing and support to their clients. Highly Recommended! 
--Rebecca Wong