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Private Couples Daring Connection Bi-Monthly Workshops

What's stopping you from really connecting with your partner? Are you in a long term, committed relationship but you feel like you and your partner have grown apart? Something is getting in the way of opening up to each other like you did earlier in the relationship, and you're not sure when things got off track.

You both want to stay together, but you don't really know what to talk about anymore, or whether you have anything in common now. Even though you have each other, you both often feel alone. You want to connect, but you're not sure where to start.

This workshop may be for you. Couples can expect to feel differently about themselves and their relationship after this unique and special experience, which is designed to:

  • Help each partner answer the question, "Who am I and how do I want to really show up in my relationship?"
  • Create opportunities for laughter and fun individually and together
  • Empower each partner to take off the masks we all wear in our interactions with others and allow each partner to be seen by the other
  • Build trust, communication, empathy, compassion, deepen love and experience joy, together and individually

This private, dyadic workshop (just the couple and the therapist) is not couples therapy. It's not about blame, old hurts and resentments. This is a unique experience to help both individuals in the couple connect with themselves authentically, so they can reconnect as a couple, using Brené Brown's work on vulnerability as a path to building trust and connection. (If you want more information on Brené Brown's The Daring Way™ model, click here.)

This workshop is ideal for you and your partner if:

  • You've been together for a long time and while you are both content, you're kind of bored with the relationship
  • You've wondered what you will talk about when the kids leave home
  • You're both so busy with work and taking care of children or other responsibilities that you don't have much time for yourselves, never mind spending time to work on your relationship
  • You used to be each other's best friends, but now you feel like you don't really know each other as well as you did in the early part of the relationship

Sessions take place every other week, with time in between to practice and implement the work. Cost includes surprises to build connection. This private workshop for couples meets 10 times, every other week for 90 minutes. Intensive, dyadic therapy work to build connection, improve trust and communication. Dates will be selected by the couple together with therapist. Fee: $6000.00 if paid in full up front. Installment plans also available: 3 payments of $2100 or 4 payments of $1625. Screening sessions required before start of workshop. To apply for this private intensive experience, contact Laura Reagan, LCSW-C at (443) 510-1048 or via e-mail at