Meet Mary Beth Naish


Mary Beth Naish, LCPC uses an attachment-oriented perspective in working with children and tweens up to age 12. She has training and experience in play therapy, sand tray, and other creative and expressive methods for working with children ages 4 to 12 and their parents and families. 

She received her masters degree in counseling from Johns Hopkins University. 

Mary Beth works with children as young as 4 using:

  • Child-Centered Play Therapy

  • Filial Therapy

  • Creative Techniques including art, movement and music

  • and other methods tailored to your child's situation

Mary Beth Works helps kids who show:

  • Excessive worries, fears, sadness
  • Trouble fitting in or getting along with peers or siblings 
  • Behaviors that cause problems in daycare, preschool or school

And kids who have: 

  • Perfectionism

  • Self-harming behaviors/thoughts

  • Traumatic experiences - for example: witnessing or experiencing violence or abuse, the sudden death of someone they care about, loss of loved ones - click here to visit the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) website for information on childhood traumatic experiences.