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Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is a Maryland Board Approved and Registered Supervisor offering clinical supervision and consultation to individuals and groups. Laura specializes in complex trauma and the effects of trauma exposure on therapists. Contact Laura to discuss supervision or consultation and sign up for the Trauma Therapist Community!

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is a Maryland Board Approved and Registered Supervisor offering clinical supervision and consultation to individuals and groups. Laura specializes in complex trauma and the effects of trauma exposure on therapists. Contact Laura to discuss supervision or consultation and sign up for the Trauma Therapist Community!

I've worked with survivors of trauma since 2002 and at various times I've felt alone in my thoughts and feelings about the experience of doing this work. We can't talk about what we see and hear day in and day out with the important non-professionals in our lives, like family, close friends and spouses. Even discussing our feelings about our work can be overwhelming for those loved ones, which contributes to the isolation we trauma therapists often feel.

As Trauma Therapists we see and hear a lot. The impact of this work can touch many aspects of our lives. For example:

  • You may start to feel like don’t know what you’re doing

  • You may begin to question why you thought you wanted to be a therapist

  • Relationships with friends and other important people may begin to suffer

  • Your emotional and/or physical health may be affected

  • You may begin to doubt whether you are able to make an impact

AND - there is a lot of cutting edge neuroscience out there that you might not have learned about when you were in school, regardless of how long ago that may have been. Maybe you want to begin to practice in a more trauma-informed way. I’ll help you with specific techniques, and so many resources that I use and recommend often.

So is this a support group or clinical consultation? It’s a clinical consultation group specifically related to our work with trauma, with a lot of non-judgmental support and compassion sprinkled in. You can bring cases you’d like to consult on or specific issues you would like to understand better. Or you can bring your big existential questions, emotions, and we will hold it all in community.

Let go of the idea that you have to be a super hero! Give yourself permission to stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. Join me and other trauma therapists in a judgment-free zone.  Together we will develop effective strategies to limit the effects of exposure to trauma so we can avoid burnout. I want you to be able to do this important work for the long-term, rather than just getting through each day. This group is about helping you live a life that’s fulfilling and complete, both personally and professionally. Join supportive colleagues in a positive atmosphere that will lift you up and help you grow.

After spending time in community you can expect to  walk away feeling hopeful, supported, empowered, clinically skilled, creatively inspired, and confident. Imagine looking forward to going to work each day, feeling energized about the important work of being a trauma therapist.  Surround yourself with support. Join us in the trauma therapist community for clinical case consultation, resiliency building and personal growth. If this sounds like the opposite of how you feel now, we hope you will be inspired to gather with us. 

Trauma Therapists Unite!

The Trauma Therapist Community is for practitioners new to working with trauma who want to learn more about this work and give and receive support to address and prevent the harmful effects of exposure to trauma. And it’s for experienced clinicians who want to share their experiences, learn new clinical techniques and self care practices and find support.

These groups will intentionally be kept small. We  will meet via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video platform. Together we will create a safe space for authentic connection with other trauma therapists.  All members are invited to keep in touch via a private Facebook group created exclusively for this community.  The Facebook group is a great place to offer support, ask questions, offer and get resources, and keep in touch between clinical consultation group meetings.

This group is a good fit for you if you are a new trauma therapist and…

  • You are looking for basic foundational knowledge of trauma techniques, case presentations and clinical consultation.

  • You want support in dealing with your own emotional responses to this challenging work.

  • You are willing to come with an open mind and an open heart to give and receive support.


You are an experienced trauma therapist and…

  • You have been working with clients who’ve experienced trauma for a long time, but you get stuck with certain situations. You know you can only take clients as far as you have gone yourself, and you want to identify and grow past stuck points.

  • You want to learn techniques to identify and address the long-term effects of exposure to trauma on yourself as a clinician.

  • You are willing to come with an open mind and an open heart to give and receive support.


 Enrollment open now for May 2019.

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Reach for the Sky!

 This group will meet once a month. This package is $97 a month and it includes:

-- > One 60-Minute Group Online Clinical Consultation Meeting Per Month
-- > Private Facebook Community Access

--> Techniques & Resources for working with clients who have trauma and for preventing/addressing vicarious trauma


Laura's Trauma Therapy Community has been an amazing gift for me. Having others who do the same work and understand the experience, who offer guidance and support has been wonderful! Laura's gentle spirit and expansive knowledge about trauma therapy create the perfect atmosphere for sharing and guidance.
-- Elizabeth Cush, LGPC

I love our group for trauma therapists! Working with trauma survivors is hard work and sometimes feels really lonely, so I have found that taking out this time once a month really helps me feel more supported and guided just by sharing with other therapists who are having similar or sometimes very different experiences than me. Laura is a fantastic facilitator who is kind, gentle and very loving in her flexible structured way. She holds the space for our own sacred truths and creates a compassionate connection with all group members. I highly recommend this online group for therapists not only because of the reasons I mentioned above but also because it's really convenient and fits in with my sometimes crazy schedule.
-- Olga Bloch, LCMFT

I joined Laura's online therapist community after listening to her podcast. I felt she was reaching into my mind and heart and recognizing this deep need for connection in a career where I am often so isolated. The group I was a part of was intimate and I felt completely supported, seen and energetically held each time we met. I was able to connect with such inspiring and talented women who helped to give me perspective, personal and clinical feedback. I am a therapist new to private practice and I loved how we were all diverse in our ages, years in practice and populations we worked with. I will always be grateful for this group and the support and personal growth I experienced.
-- Rachel Koutnik

Laura Reagan's Trauma Therapist groups are such an asset to the therapist community. She offers safe spaces for trauma therapists to reflect on the impact of the work of holding space for others to heal on their own being. And in doing so she helps excellent therapists provide even more exceptional healing and support to their clients. Highly Recommended!
--Rebecca Wong, LCSW-R


 Q: What's included in my membership?

A:  The package includes monthly group consultation and a private Facebook group. The meetings are held via Zoom and begin Wednesday, May 8 at 3 pm Eastern time. *If the Wednesday at 3 pm meeting time doesn’t work for you, contact Laura at to join the waiting list for other dates and times.

Q. How much does it cost to join the Trauma Therapist Community?

A:  The 60-minute consultation group is $97 per month for a minimum of 6 months.
QWhat are the dates for the online group meetings?

A. The meetings are held via Zoom and begin Wednesday, May 8 at 3 pm Eastern time.

Q. Who is facilitating these groups?

A. Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, a trauma therapist in private practice and host of Therapy Chat podcast.

Q. What will be happening in group meetings?

A. We trauma therapists often feel isolated and sometimes it is tempting to use online spaces which aren't secure, such as Facebook, to discuss clinical content. I created this space to address an unmet need for trauma therapists to give and receive support among others who understand the difficulty of this work. We will discuss clinical presentations of trauma which may be overlooked or misdiagnosed. We’ll discuss trauma informed assessment and how to practice from a trauma-informed perspective. You will learn strategies and techniques to move through your stuck points and your clients' stuck points. We will be honest about how we are affected by our work. You will gain information and resources to improve your skills as a therapist working with clients who have trauma, and to support your own health and well-being by addressing and preventing harmful effects of secondary trauma exposure through work.

I want you to keep doing this work for the next 30+ years, and do it well. Our world needs skilled trauma therapists to keep shining brightly and working from an emotionally and physically healthy place! Staying healthy requires support and community, and the Trauma Therapist Community is designed to meet this need. 

To be more specific, this means we will have time and space for clinical case questions, support, hope and inspiration and networking. Each group's direction will evolve with the needs of its members.  We discuss what we are doing and what we aren't doing, to stay grounded and well while doing our work and in our personal lives. 

Q. What happens after I register? 

A. You'll receive an e-mail after you register confirming your registration and providing you with additional information. The meetings are held via Zoom and begin Wednesday, May 8 at 3 pm Eastern time.

If this is your cup of tea, click the button below and sign up NOW!  Get the support you need to provide excellent trauma-informed care to your clients, avoid burnout and live your best life. Don't delay! Space is limited to 5 participants per group to ensure a safe space for all.

A LITTLE ABOUT ME I'm Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical (LCSW-C) in Maryland and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator. I'm a Maryland Board Approved and Registered Supervisor offering Clinical Supervision. I offer Clinical Consultation with therapists around the country and the world via phone or video.  I utilize a relational, trauma-informed, insight-oriented, compassion-focused framework encouraging vulnerability and authenticity and concepts from Trauma Stewardship and The Daring Way™. 


If you would like to discuss individual Clinical Supervision or Consultation please contact me via phone at (443) 320-4034 or e-mail:

Feel free to visit my resource page HERE to learn more.